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Dan Walsh and Eladio Gore speak with Fox News on the importance of permitting after the fire in Boston  at 298 Beacon Street.
PRESIDENT - Daniel Walsh
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VICE PRESIDENT - Curtis Meskus
SECRETARY -  Michael Mendoza
TREASURER - David Jensen


BOWM - Donald Torrico - President
Curtis Meskus
Paul Tacy
David Jensen
Dan Hellyer
Bob Comacho
Art Lawler
Open Position

SEMBOA - Mike Mendoza - President
Gary Stubbins
Tim Fitzgerald
Dan Walsh
Richard Leibowitz
Patrick Franey
Michael Giampietro
Robert Borden

MBCIA - Scott Lambiase -  President
John Luther
Matthew Hakala
Joseph Mikielian
Samuel Joslin
Kenneth Ward
Open Position
Open Position

Robert Camacho
Paul Tacy
Steve Frederickson
David Moore

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   The Massachusetts Federation of Building Officials Board of Directors invites all Massachusetts Inspectors of Buildings, Building Commissioners, and Local Building Inspectors of a city or town who are an active member of their regional association i.e.; MBCIA, BOWM or SEMBOA to attend a special general meeting of the membership on May 8, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, 700 Myles Standish Boulevard Taunton, Massachusetts at 12:30 pm.


The purpose of this meeting is to affirm the recommendation of the Board of Directors to change the Federation By-laws which are intended to allow the inclusion of other regional groups beyond the three founding associations.

Proposed changes linked here


Minutes & Committees
MFBO is now tracking

Code Change Proposals

This is a work in progress
see the list linked here



For the 2013-2014 Legislative Session, the Board of Directors has looked at over 60 bills
that may have bearing on our profession and codes.

Of the 60 the Board has identified positions on 20 top bills which we have formulated position or are in the  process of formulating positions for.

Check on MFBO Top bills tracked here from              





10th  Annual  SEMBOA Training
May 7 & 8, 2014

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Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance (BSAA) was formed to assist those who may need assistance with renovations to help transition to a new lifestyle.  The focus of these services will be on home modifications; however, consideration may be given to modifications to businesses owned by the individual. These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  For more information or to help click here.

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